We’re breaking down the best apps for men! The following list showcases our favorite apps and ones that we think should be on your phones. These apps cover a range of categories, so there is something for everyone. Please let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below. We are always on the search for new ones and old ones we may have missed!


Flipboard is a great news source for people on the go. It is visually appealing in that it let’s you flip through stories and dive further into the ones you like. It is impossible to get bored with this app. You will always be connected to the latest news.


Let’s face it; we all do weird things in our sleep. We spend half of our lives sleeping but have no idea what we look or sound like. Sleep Keeper takes photos and records sound bites of you as you sleep. These are compiled into a playable movie you can watch the next day. Now you will have proof that your wife is the one stealing the covers! And you will get to uncover the other half of your life.Download: Sleep Keeper


A stylized game that lets you throw metal balls at visually pleasing objects that break. At first it will seem simple, but when the speed increases the objects become harder to break. Try getting past level 5 and then let us know how easy it is! Download: Smash Hit


We all have things we want to accomplish and adventures we plan on seeking, but do you really have a running list going? There’s a big world out there but it can be hard to come up with a bucket list. This app will give you many ideas and will easily allow you to build the bucket list you have always wanted based on what other people have already done.Download: BucketListly


Your device will have to be jailbroken for this one, but if yours is, then you’ll love this app. It’s a black-market app that acts as a media hub for all your shows and movies. Also if you so choose, you can download a few add ons that let you stream movies and TV shows for free. Take it from us, it’s a great workout buddy. Makes cardio days fly by! Download: Google it 🙂


It’s a free one so the apps design is not too pretty but it will certainly get the job done. It tells you the distance your golf ball travels, and will record and keep track of your scores. We used to play with Golfshot but the $29.99 price tag was steep.Download: GolfLogix


Take a look into amazingly designed homes and get inspired for future projects around your house. Thinking about remodeling the kitchen? Just bookmark things to look over later. There are also tags that link to products so that you can see where to buy them. Download: Houzz