Once the weather begins to inch up on the thermometer, the fashion savvy know that the time is approaching to transition from winter clothes into spring fashion. That means that the process of deciding what pieces get stored away and which ones make the cut for the warmer month is now just around the corner. Gentleman of distinction understand that proper transitioning encompasses several factors, but first and foremost is the foundation of the right fabrics and colors to round out a season aesthetically. As winter fades into history, the time comes for less wool and darker colors to linens, cotton, and a return to pastels. Bearing that in mind, we are here to act as your trustworthy guide so that you don’t miss a single style step.

We understand that proper execution is necessary in order to seamlessly make the transition from winter to spring without a hitch in your style agenda. Our men’s clothing subscription box is the perfect winter to spring transitional service for those not seeking to invest in new pieces, but still looking to spruce up their style.

The Art of Layering

Dressing for the spring, depending on where you live, can be slightly problematic to conquer as you deal with harsh winds followed by rain and then sun all in a single day. The critical component to staying above the fray is by wearing outfits that can be layered for either season and being prepared to wrap yourself up or take off items according to what the weather dictates. As temperatures begin to rise, one of the first issues that needs to be addressed is how to properly layer to avoid sweating and looking or feeling uncomfortable. A great knit sweater or long-sleeved shirt can be layered for colder days and worn solo for weather that is milder as spring makes a formal arrival. Although there are typically a few weeks where the weather remains in limbo, if you remember to ramp your way up slowly but surely into the spring season, you can sufficiently layer with thinner blazers and button-down shirts until the sun is out and in full effect.


For the winter seasons, men typically are in bomber jackets, trench coats, or biker jackets as they are lined for warmth and are sturdier to help brave the elements. As spring approaches, a denim jacket is a great way to layer and look cool at the same time. Plus, navy colored or khaki-colored chino pants are perfect for pairing with a denim jacket during the spring season.


Once spring has sprung, the days of corduroys and wool pants are over and you can take out a trend that never will end – jeans. Available in so many styles and shades, men of all ages can find a few pairs from their favorite designers to wear with a casual pullover or even a fitted blazer for formal occasions.


No item of clothing probably gets as much mileage as a great sweater, and the best thing about them is that there are some for every season, and they can be layered up or down depending on the temperature and your personal style. Whether you wear them to the gym during the colder winter mornings, or around town in the spring over a pair of slim fit jeans, every man should have a few versatile sweaters on the ready in their arsenal. Options include but are not limited to crewneck, V-neck, ¾ zip, turtlenecks, just to name a few.

The Beat of the Boot

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Photo by Sophie / Unsplash

Every man should have transitional shoes in their wardrobe that can be worn any time of the year, and if you are a lover of boots, there are more than a few options available that you can take from one season to the next. Brogues are another option to consider if you prefer a more comfortable and versatile option. You should own a pair in either brown or black to wear with the majority of your winter and spring clothes. Another alternative for a great pair of boots that serve as the ideal layover from winter to spring are desert boots that are not only comfortable but come in an assortment of colors that you can use as a neutral base to wear whatever you want that is currently in your spring wardrobe.

Follow these guidelines and you won’t have any problems at all transitioning effortlessly between winter and spring. The earlier you plan, the more masterful the finished look will be once spring arrives. No matter what the weather may bring, you will be stylishly prepared for the season.