Today, men are a lot more fashionable than they used to be. Just think back to the times that men would throw on an old pair of jeans and a tee, and then call it a day. Now, most men not only match their outfits, but they even put time and effort into coordinating a certain type of style.

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It’s quite refreshing to see that men are now shifting towards a particular style, mainly because it shows the ladies a little bit more of their personality. With that being said, let’s dive into these styles now.

The Laidback Look

While some men enjoy dressing casually, other men still like to add a stylistic improvement to their casual-like look.

As you can see in the picture, the outfit is modern yet comfy. Match a dark pair of jeans with a dark colored shirt (that compliment each other) and throw on a neutral hoodie. For instance, don’t wear a navy blue shirt with dark jeans, the two will blend and not give you the oomph you could have. Instead, go with dark jeans and a maroon shirt, or a dark olive green as displayed in the picture. When I say pair it with a neutral sweatshirt, I mean aim for colors like gray, brown, tan, or black. Pick according to the colors you already have. Do not wear a maroon sweatshirt if you have a maroon shirt on.

After you’re done picking out the clothing, it’s time to add shoes and accessories. Now, because this is a laid-back look, don’t add a watch or jewelry of any sort. Put your headphones in your ears and throw on your broken in sneakers for the day ahead.

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The Preppy Look

The preppy look is a very practical style trend in autumn and winter, as it’s all about layering. Whether it’s shirts over tees, cardigans over polo’s, or chinos with a button up, layering adds plenty of detail. Most of the time, khakis are paired with dark tones, specifically dark red tones and gray/blacks.

As a general rule, only have a pattern (check or stripe) on one of the layers and keep the color block neutral using blue, black, grey or white. Layering adds versatility, as you can take off, or add onto a look.

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The Geek/Tech Look

The old school headphones may or may not give this outfit away. The baseball tee can lean towards a geek-like look or a tech-like look (and sometimes it can be pulled off as preppy, too).
Try pairing a similar baseball tee with a similar plaid shirt. For instance, instead of going with green and blue as alternating colors, try doing a tan and maroon baseball tee with a brown plaid shirt. Add some nice form-fitting jeans and secure them around your waist with either a subtle or showy thick belt.

As for shoes, completely throw the outfit off by adding in a random color. Now, I’m not saying to go grab some pink shoes, but if you’re going with the tan/maroon/brown theme of the shirts as I stated above, try putting on some mustard yellow shoes. It’ll give the outfit that extra pop you need. Or, if you are feeling uncertain about it, you could stick to a classic navy color.

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The Rainy Day Look

Believe it or not, there are some guys in the world that would still like to dress fashionable even when it’s pouring rain outside. And, if you’re one of those guys, you’ve come to the right place.
As you can see from the photo, it’s easy to sport a rainy day look. What’s more is that the outfit tends to be casual, so when you get inside and take that rain jacket off, you won’t be extremely uncomfortable.

Try starting the outfit out with some dark jeans. We suggest this because if it’s really raining or snowing hard out there, your jeans are bound to get wet. The darker the jeans are, the less you’ll see the wetness.

Make sure you have some thick socks on just in case water happens to get in your shoes, too. Believe me when I say, you don’t want your feet to be wet for the remainder of the day. Put some sneakers on over those socks; this will allow for more fluid movements from your feet, therefore getting you to and from the car and/or building in an efficient amount of time.

As for the shirt, it doesn’t matter what you have on, just remember you want to be comfortable. The color of the shirt won’t matter, as you’ll likely have a rain jacket on over it. Make sure that the rain jacket is in fact water resistant. If you’re trying to be stylish, pick out a jacket that’s two-toned like the one shown in the photo. If you want to rent one instead, subscribe to our service and request one in your next pack!

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The Business Casual Look

Whether you’re attending a meeting or just working another day at the office, you’ll need something that fits the business casual look. Go with a nice collared, button-down shirt. Throw over a sweater or a vest to complete the warm, yet “I-mean-business” look.
As for the pants, make sure they’re not too form-fitting, as you don’t want to come off like you’re trying to show off your muscular legs at work. Slim fit or straight fit chinos are more the way to go, rather than a skinny fit.

Chinos are an incredible closet staple and something you can invest in for all types of occasions. The chino gets its name from the cloth it’s made of – a lightweight cotton twill fabric. It was originally designed for British and French military uniforms, and made its way into the wardrobes of the working civilian at the turn of the 20th Century.

This look could pair well with a pair of good looking boots (with no scuffs!), or you could go for a boat-like shoe, like a Sperry. They are casual yet stylish and are always a great option for casual events outside the office.

These five outfit choices are some of the top men’s fashion options that we suggest for your wardrobe. You can never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the first impression always lies in your appearance – your grooming and style both have to be considered. So before you decide to spend a small fortune on super expensive and fancy attire, give it some thought.
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