Spring is in full bloom and so are the spring fashion trends. We would like to share a few of our favorite new spring trends, which will carry you through right into summer. Infuse your wardrobe with these looks and you will suddenly have a yearning for a weekend beach adventure.


Please keep in mind these tips if you decide to bear your ankles. 1.) Only roll your cuff a couple inches. No one wants to see half your calf. 2.) Go sockless! The reason why should be fairly obvious.


Flower power isn’t just for the ladies this spring and summer. Can you push out of your comfort zone to wear this bold pattern? This classic spring print has taken over men’s fashion beckoning it to come out and play.


Johnny Depp has been wearing men’s accessories for years now, but it seems as if fashion is just catching up. Gone are the days where men’s accessories were just a watch. So start layering up those wrists, gents! They have been waiting patiently for you.


This look has a minimalistic, less is more approach. Style tip: blend fabrics and textures or shades of the color you are committing to. Rocking the monochromatic look is perfect for the person who looks into their closet and sees one color dominating over all others.


Stripes never truly go out of style, but it has been awhile since we’ve seen the large blocked stripe look come back around. We are not only seeing this look in shirts but also in socks, scarves and jackets. It’s a great way to infuse extra color to any outfit.