Spring is here, with the promise of warmer days and a stripping of layers.  A new season (especially Spring) promises new beginnings, and so it is with the Men’s Spring 2015 trends for this season. But, for the average guy, the question still remains – how do I incorporate the Men’s Spring 2015 trends into my wardrobe, in ways that work for me?Suits, as always, featured heavily throughout the Men’s Spring 2015 ranges. This season, though, the look will be more relaxed, the cuts leaner, and the color scheme more adventurous. For example, at Gucci the suits were striped; at Michael Kors they were checked. For a traditional classic line, look no further than Louis Vuitton or Prada. A well-made suit, in a classic fabric, will work double time in your wardrobe – at Gucci, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana for example, they mixed and matched the jackets with jeans and shorts – and last for years.


Denim remains big on the Spring 2015 fashion agenda and the world is your oyster on how you want to play it.  The only rule for men is that the jeans remain a little low slung – no high rise action here – and the belt takes focus, so you may want to consider spending a little more on your accessories.  At Tom Ford, there was a lot of boot cut denim, matched with denim shirts and denim jackets.


At Ralph Lauren the style was more relaxed, with a lighter denim and a looser style. The Ralph Lauren man feels free to experiment a little more, and this look had more of an American feel to it than the European sharpness of Tom Ford.


For solid day wear, you can’t go past J. Crew for affordable gear, and this season was no exception.  Again, note the low slung nature of the jean, and the focus on the belt.


Another huge look for Men’s Spring 2015 is maritime.  This trend manifests itself in many striped lines, the color red and the blending of a red, white and blue palette.  For most guys, this will mean the addition of a striped pant or a red jumper (or both) into their wardrobe this season.  Perhaps a red jacket like the ones featured at Burberry might be more your style.


For more inspiration on maritime, check out Gucci.


Emporio Armani (stripes), J. Crew (for affordable striped jumpers) and Dolce & Gabbana (where red was the dominant color through the range).Hopefully without presuming too much, we at The Mr. Collection think it’s fair to say that, on average, men spend a little less time than women obsessing about their clothes. You still want to look good – but it’s just not your life’s ambition. Each season we update our collection based on the trends, which enables you to work with the classic basics in your wardrobe to mix it up a little. For surprise looks you can rent, click the button below.