Searching for the perfect gift for the men in your life doesn't have to be a task any longer. The best thing about men's fashion these days is that there are far more possibilities than there have ever been. Armed with our list of curated items, there are several options available that make for treasured gifts that can be worn throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Windbreaker Jacket

The fall and winter months demand some layering in order to thwart the typical rain, snow, and windy conditions that occur during this time of the year. This is the perfect time of the year to gift the man on your list with a windbreaker that is is durable enough for the elements, while simultaneously stylish enough for the streets. Lightweight, mesh-lined option features a zip front and elastic cuffs for ultimate comfort and protection. For a casual day out, it is the perfect addition to battle the elements in style.

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As one of the most versatile pants in any man's wardrobe, chinos have been modernized to include stretch fabric for a more fitted, classic look. Paired with a simple polo or with a button-down and a blazer, chinos for the colder months are available in an array of colors and patterns to suit any occasion streamlined to produce a more fitted look. Alternately, the gift of well-made jeans for the fall season is also worth consideration. For the colder months, twill material that features stretch fabric and darker-hued jeans offer the most versatility. Non-traditional colors like mustard yellow, burgundy, and hunter green can be paired with button-down shirts, mock turtlenecks, and sweatshirts depending on the occasion.

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The Ultimate Hoodie

For men constantly on the go and maintain an active lifestyle, having a proper hoodie is an absolute must, and this version is made from high-quality materials that is not only tailored for a proper fit, but also ideal for layering on colder occasions.

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Dressing up

No man's closet would be complete without a pullover or henley, and the right one can be worn alone or with a light blazer for an evening occasion.  This white pullover is light enough to be worn on it's own or layered to perfection with a casual knit sweater, a crewneck sweater, or a sports jacket for an evening look.


“Fashion has to reflect who you are” - Pharrel W.
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As understated look that is simple in design but boasts maximum appeal is a turtleneck. Consider a slim-fit version made from premium materials with a subtle, minimalist design. When combined with a bomber jacket, the overall impression is a laid-back appearance that speaks volumes.


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Cashmere is a luxury item that is not only fashionable but fully functional. A cashmere sweater is an investment that men of distinction should have in their collections and can be enjoyed throughout the fall and winter seasons.


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From tweed to wool., herringbone to houndstooth and everything in between, there are several types of fabrics and styles to consider when it comes to an exceptional blazer to gift a man. Most men possess blazers made of linen, cotton, or wool blend that have been designed to manage the wind and cold. Other options to complement a man's wardrobe include shearling, fur, or leather coats that emphasize a bit more color and designs to add a bit of character to a fall collection.

Shoes Make the Man

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For the fall and winter seasons, owning at least a couple of pairs of suede shoes is a must-have, options perfect for the office and for the streets. When it comes to shade shoes, there are an array of styles to choose from, including brogues, cap ties, wingtips, and more. The best considerations as a gift are tan or dark brown hues that feature quality leather craftsmanship. Another type of shoe for the season are suede chukka or Chelsea boots, which can be dressed up for office wear or for a more formal event. Both are classic footwear for the fashion-forward man in your life and are a necessity for any man's shoe collection.


Gift Card to The Mr. Collection

If the task for shopping for someone (or for yourself!) sounds too daunting, a gift card to a styling service like The Mr. Collection could be just what you need. You no longer have to guess which stores the person you’re shopping for likes, or what their size is. They’ll enter all their information in the Style Profile and a stylist will get to work creating looks that are geared especially for them. The best part is that there is also a service for women called The Ms. Collection  just in case you’re looking to cross multiple names off your list at once.

Final Considerations

Don't forget to add a few other staples like polo shirts, plaid button-downs, and cotton brushes tees to wear as an additional under-layer. Cardigan sweaters and corduroy pants are other style options that make for excellent gifts for men during the season. For the men in your life that may be missing some of these items or simply need a few extra pieces to bolster their collection, these are a few possible gifts that make for a worthy upgrade.