This year is coming to a close and the new year is sneaking up on us rather quickly, which can only mean a handful of things:

  • We’ll be heading to the gym soon to work on our new and improved body
  • We’ll be changing up our diet to accompany our new and improved body
  • We’ll aim to live up to every New Years’ resolution we’ve made
  • We’ll be ‘better versions of ourselves’
  • And we’ll get a better sense of what’s in style for the year to come

The first four on the list are self-explanatory and easy to adopt (if we’re strongly motivated). The last item on the list, however, may be a little harder to achieve. Finding the best styles for the upcoming 2019 year can be tricky, especially if you aren’t all that wise when it comes to the fashion department (let’s face it, not all men are gifted with a keen eye).

That’s okay! We’re here to help you out with all of that. Below, you’ll get to quickly learn five of the best outfit suggestions in the fashion industry for 2019. Carry the suggestions around with you and pick the one that best fits the day ahead.

City Guys

If you’re headed into town, or if you’re headed out of town, choose an outfit that shows you are prepared for the day ahead, yet you’re also comfortable to face the challenges that come your way. Basically, something that screams, “I’ve got this, but I’m comfy.”

If you do this right, you’ll be able to look great on your dinner date, but you’ll also be able to look great for a casual stroll through a local park.

You can go several different routes with this look, guys. For example, look through your closet until you find the right pair of trousers that will allow you to look smart, but at the same time will give you the free space you need to move around. Pair the trousers with a nice flannel or polo shirt of your choosing; you can either go with the flannel print (with a range of colors), or you can go with a solid colored polo shirt. Either way, make sure you’re sporting a collared shirt, as collarless t-shirts are not as presentable. Mix and match the colors accordingly, and you’ll have the perfect outfit that allows you to go to the office for a quick meeting and then run off to a casual coffee date.

Hanging with the Guys

I get where you’re coming from, you want to sport a certain look when you’re hanging around the guys at a cookout or barbecue. What’s more is that you’ll probably end up running around the basketball court or tossing a baseball back and forth in the yard, which will ultimately require you to wear something appropriate for the situation. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Head to your closet or (the choice is yours) and choose a shirt that only encompasses soft colors. This could mean a single colored shirt, or a shirt with an array of soft colors, either will work.

For example, pick and choose colors such as beige, bluish-gray, dark salmon, light brown, pink, gray, and pastel colors. Single colored shirts work well with gray and tan pants or shorts. For instance, pair a pink or salmon shirt with a nice pair of loose-fitting gray shorts, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure it’s not too dressy, as you’re bound to get dirty if you’re running around in the yard throughout the day.

Office Job

To impress your boss, you need to look the part every single day. Don’t worry, we have your back. Go out and buy yourself a suit of your choosing. For example, pick out a navy suit and pair it with colors such as pink, gray, brown, and purple. Buy yourself an array of undershirts to go with the navy color you choose. Go all out and get some shirts with different patterns and colors in them, too. This way, you’ll have one suit, but numerous outfits to go with it.

Hint: Grab a classic pair of black dress shoes to go with any outfit. Also, make sure the entire suit is form fitting to give you that extra oomph.

Double Hint: With The Mr. Collection you can have always something new to wear.

Outdoorsy Look

Whether you’re just getting into the outdoor hobbies, or you’ve been into them practically your entire life, you’ll need to find the right attire to play the part. Aim to wear clothing with earth tones present in them. The outdoorsy look can come with some fashion challenges, especially considering you don’t want to wear your good attire when getting down and dirty outside. There’s a way to avoid that, though.

First things first: Go out and buy yourself some inexpensive outdoorsy clothes. When you’re picking out your outfits, search for colors like grays, browns, oranges, and blues, that way it will match the natural environment you’re in. In other words, if you are hiking, it’ll look best if you pick up on some of the browns and oranges that the woods encompass. If you’re headed to the waters, pick out some grays and blues to wear during your adventures.

Hint: Make sure your pants are comfortable and give you free rein to move as you wish while performing your favorite activities. Choose a shirt that will also allow you to function during said activities. Be sure to carry an additional sweatshirt or jacket just in case the temperature drops throughout the day, too.


Whether you live near the beach or you’re on vacation going to the beach, you’re probably searching for a great outfit to wear to said beach. Stop looking!

Instead, listen to this:  Simple t-shirts will do the trick. They’ll reassure you that you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Go for beach themed tee or bold colored tee. Grab a light sweater to throw in your backpack while you’re at it, just in case you stay a little too late and it ends up being chilly towards sundown.

Don’t forget your swimsuit while you’re at it! Pick out something that goes with your shirt, or even something that stands out from your shirt, it’s the beach! Most styles, no matter how subtle or outrageous, are worth trying! Throw on some sneakers and grab a volleyball, then head on down to the beach of your choosing.