When the time comes to travel, knowing the ins and outs of effective packing can make all the difference in the world. For many people, getting ready for a trip can seem somewhat daunting, but once armed with tips and guidelines on what to bring along and how to pack, men and women everywhere can have an enjoyable time wherever they plan to visit. Take our advice and get the most out of your next experience.

Packing Guidelines

Avoid Overpacking

First, place all of the items you want to bring on a bed, then make it your mission to return a third of those clothes back into your closet and dresser drawers. The goal should be to bring only the clothes that you will actually wear. Save more space in your luggage by wearing boots, a light sweater, and a jacket on the flight. It only takes a few accessories to transform a look from day to night. Also, remember that you can make any special requests for specific items through your member account. Heading to the tropics? Request floral items and shorts. Or, if you’re traveling somewhere cold during your summer months, request some heavier items so you can freshen up your wardrobe without having to buy new things.

Fine-Tune Your Folding

Military folding is definitely your friend when it comes to effectively packing for a trip. Roll your jeans and take along clothes that require little to no ironing. If you use vacuum compression bags, even better. And, if you are unsure of how to properly pack in your clothes, there are tutorials online to show you exactly how.

Put Things In Their Place

By rolling up underwear and socks, then placing them into your shoes at the bottom of your bag, you can save valuable space. Also, be sure to pack lighter hues inside out so that stains won’t be an issue. This also makes it more likely that you have a bit of free space left for any purchases you make during your trip.

Pack Systematically

Before you start placing items in your luggage, prioritize the placement based on your itinerary, with a LIFO (last in, first out) system that ensures that your perfectly folded clothes remain undisturbed until you need them while on your trip.

Laptops, Gadgets, and Cords

If you are carrying a laptop, the luggage bag should be a hard case to ensure that it is protected during the flight and while on the go. Chargers are a necessity, so remember to leave a small section of your luggage for your electronic devices – or better yet – add a packing cube to your bag and keep belongings even more secure.

Travel Checklist

The essentials for a travel bag may vary slightly based on the season and locale you are visiting, but there is still an art to packing the right way. Here are some suggestions:

  • dress shirts
  • sports jacket
  • dress slacks
  • a couple of ties
  • jeans/khakis
  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • pajamas
  • underwear
  • dress shoes
  • tennis shoes
  • sandals
  • belt
  • socks

For colder weather, you could consider a scarf, hat, and gloves to the mix.


Photo by Patrick Coddou / Unsplash

A microfiber towel that dries quickly is an absolute necessity, and toiletries should be placed at the center of your bag - in case you have to check them at the airport. Use as few bottle tops as possible to avoid spills while traveling. A starting off point of what to include:

  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • mouthwash
  • mouth floss
  • comb
  • shaving cream
  • razor
  • shampoo
  • deodorant

The Intangibles

Don’t forget your passport or other forms of identification, boarding passes, camera, small flashlight, and any prescriptions you may need while on your trip. For your accessories, we suggest using a straw to keep necklaces, watches, and braces untangled.

Photo by Nicole Harrington / Unsplash

Final Considerations

The best tip we can give is to be mindful of taking only the items that will serve a purpose while on your trip. Remember to pack the heavier items near the wheels so that transport is easier. Investing in a scale to weigh your luggage and writing down what you intend to bring beforehand is another way to avoid overpacking. The majority of people never need as much luggage as they think they do, and this packing checklist works as a great way to travel light and right!

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