Our entire team couldn’t be happier about the switch from one-pack-per-month to our newly introduced unlimited clothing rental service! Gone are the days of return cut off dates or long waits in-between packs. If you are thinking of becoming a member, this is the perfect time. Just submit a style profile letting us know your sizes and style preferences, check out for the clothing rental subscription of your choice and your next pack will begin to be styled. You can now receive an unlimited amount of packs per month to infinitely increase the new styles you have access to. Mix and match the items we send you with what you have in your closet to create even more looks. It’s all about experimentation at The Mr. & Ms. Collection! If something doesn’t work, or you want more of a particular style, or even if you have a special request, just let us know!

Fill out your feedback card or shoot us an email and your stylist will do their best to make any request become a reality. We want to make this the best experience we can and your feedback is what will make all the difference. We are looking forward to getting your first pack styled!